Stuck in a Rut?

It’s frustrating when you hit a rough point in your running. Whether that is an absence of PRs in your past couple of races or your legs don’t feel like they did a few months back. The bottom line is we all hit ruts as runners but it’s how we deal with them that builds character and teaches us how to prevent them (or deal with them) in the future.

When it comes to approaching rough times in your running, remember theĀ  four R’s: Continue reading


Sock It To Me

Last week was a hectic week. Senior photos, a high-mileage training week, going to my cousin’s wedding, and all the craziness that goes along with the last week of summer. In summary, I knew my feet were going to go through a lot especially with blisters from heels, so I figured it was a good week to road-test the new running socks I just picked up from REI.

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Fall Spiced Oats

Ahhhhh Fall. The leaves turn beautiful shades of orange and red. The air is crisp but not too cold. Now put this feeling into a breakfast (or snack) and you have Fall Spiced Oats. These oats are finished with Pumpkin yogurt, crunchy granola, and a sprinkle of Fall happiness. Continue reading

Mango-Kale Salad Wrap

Maybe I’ve been living under a rock my whole life, but I’ve just recently discovered that salad wraps are a thing. I was just wandering around the mall when I saw a cute little cafe called Freshii in the corner and decided to drop by. And my life changed. You’re telling me that I can have a salad but… Not a salad??! My mind was blown. I ordered the Metaboost wrap and it was so good that I went home and remade it! It tasted too good to be healthy. Without further rambling, this is how I remade the Freshii wrap: Continue reading

Kale & Sweet Potato Buddha Bowl

I know, I know, Buddha bowls are all the rage right now. But for a good reason! Roasted or sauteed vegetables over a bed of rice, draped in a creamy sauce. They simply are the best. This version has kale, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and onions but you can add different veggies to spice it up. My personal favorite is brussel sprouts and baby potatoes. Continue reading

Quinoa-Kale Salad

I recently went to a weeklong running camp, where we had delicious food prepared for us daily (currently jealous of my former self). There, our cook made an amazing quinoa salad that was both tasty and healthy. Unfortunately, I was unable to obtain this recipe (tragic). Despite this, I was craving this salad so much that I just attempted to recreate it. My results were nothing like the green heavy salad that was my inspiration, but I liked my version even better than the first! It’s packed with protein and veggies, and has the perfect balance of sweet/sour/bitter/salty/nuttiness. And it’s super filling! One of my favorite things about salad is that it’s so customizable, so the following recipe is totally a suggestion and substituting ingredients and changing ratios is always welcome.

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