Falling Back in Love With Running & More Updates

Wow I miss writing on this blog. This past year, more like years, have been so busy. In college I get so caught up in studying, work, and attempting to have a social life that it gets hard to focus on the things I love. Quarantine made me stop and focus on what actually matters in my life. Family, friends, and my passions. I realized how much I still love cooking after two years of eating whatever my sorority made and running towards a goal rather than exercising because I have to for my own sanity. I realize that no one may be reading this blog anymore but getting my words out and posting on here is something I am trying to do for myself but I hope you enjoy as well! Anyways here is how the past few months have been:

In April-ish I signed up for a 50-k because I realized it was time to start training for something and occupy my mind with a goal. For the first month of quarantine I was running square-block loops around my house or logging miles in a parking lot to avoid crowds. A good idea, yes, but going from being cooped up in my house all day to running in small circles for an hour was really taking a toll on my mental health. I was going crazy. As soon as I started training for this race I seeked out new areas to run (still avoiding crowds of course, please wear a mask!) and had a goal for each workout day. Training for this race started to remind me of how much I missed being competitive in running. Not competitive with other runners but being competitive with myself. Pushing for a faster split or a struggling to get one more mile into that long run. But I also told myself to not get obsessed.

One of the reasons why I burned out in high school my senior year was because I became too obsessed with my running. I wanted to control eating, exact training times, and plan my day around working out and stretching, etc. It’s a terrible thing when running goes from being an awesome stress reliever to the actual cause of your stress. I didn’t want to make the same mistake again when deciding to train for a new distance while my mental health was also teetering.

It helped that my family held me accountable. There was one particular day when I told my sister to bike next to me while I ran a fartlek workout near our house. Around rep three I told her that my body did not want to run today and I was literally trying to force myself through the workout because of my training plan. She stopped me and said, “dude isn’t this what you were trying to avoid?” And in those wise words I realized I was becoming obsessed again, what had I even eaten today? Any carbs? This workout is miserable. Slowly falling back into that spiral of stress. Not to mention I started to get panic attacks after running. We decided to walk home. A sign of growth and I threw away my training plan the next day and decided to go off feel for the next couple weeks.

I instantly fell back in love with running, my sister and I would hit up trails not even worrying about pace. I learned to pick and choose when to push myself with times and when to ditch the watch and just run. It is poetic and cheesy but running for this many years has always been a struggle between brain and body. It’s nice when they’re in balance. Which is of course when the race got canceled and moved to next year. Of course.

Since then I have been running everyday and trying to mix it up with some stair repeats but currently I have no training plan. My goal is to ease myself off of music during my runs but I’m not sure that is going to happen anytime soon so I am starting with a silent first 10 minutes. I find that silent runs tend to be more effective in clearing my head and making me happier after.

Food updates?! I committed to being full vegetarian, yes I have been plant-based for many years now but I definitely cheated with meat now and again but I think that was what I needed in that moment of my life. But now I want to commit to this lifestyle, hopefully forever. It definitely is hard because I moved back home for Junior year and the rest of my family isn’t vegetarian. But since I help cook dinner we put meat on the side or I’ll add my own protein. I also started taking B-12 and Iron in addition to my multi-vitamin. I should’ve been taking more Iron anyways since I am very anemic but this will force me to take it everyday.

Other than that, I declared my major (Geographic Information Systems focus in Data Science! Please hire me!), camped a few times, and worked on my first research project!

I am planning on writing on here more and hopefully it happens especially since I am trying to sharpen my website coding skills. But we shall see. I am hoping to post some new recipes and blog posts so stay tuned! Hope everyone is staying positive and healthy!

3 thoughts on “Falling Back in Love With Running & More Updates

  1. C TUCKER says:

    Glad you’re doing this–and I’m not! But Scamp and I walk four or five times a day, so that counts for me. Let’s get together with Marissa and practice conversation once before she has to do it for real.

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