Seattle for the Plant-based foodie

Calling all vegan and vegetarians! This post is for you.

Seattle is such an amazing city for foodies like me because of our diverse restaurant scene. I personally think we have one of the best dining scenes in the U.S. (hey I said ONE of the best). I know that it is often hard to find meal options if you have certain dietary restrictions but luckily Seattle is one of the few cities that caters to vegans and vegetarians. From vegan bars to bakeries we have it all! In hipster Seattle, everyone was vegan before it was cool.

So let’s take a look at my favorite plant-based Seattle restaurants, shall we?

Vegan Sweets: From scones to ice cream


2018-01-27 11.27.42 1.jpg

<< Coconut chocolate chip scone from Flying Apron

Flying Apron Bakery:You might recognize this place by seeing some of their products in grocery stores in Seattle. But I believe their real goodies lie in their brick-and-mortar store in Fremont. It’s cozy and all of the baked goods are lined up on butcher paper with tags (I’m a sucker for good presentation). My favorite is their coconut chocolate chip scone with its golden sugared crust but please don’t get their chai! So watery. A little on the pricier side but worth it for the baked goods.


Cookie Counter: I love everthing about this place. The owners are super nice, they are super careful about allergies, and their ice cream is super good. I recommend getting an open-faced ice cream sammie so that you can sample their cookies as well. They also have an adorable VW van that they sell ice cream from in the summer so keep an eye out. Would not recommend the milkshakes because the size is not worth the price.

Pro tip: Look out for Thrifty Thursdays when sundaes are only $5. Or scan their “pay it forward” wall for free ice cream if the notes apply to you. Past notes include “free double scoop if you’re having a bad day.”

Hello Robin: Only one of their cookies/ice cream flavors is vegan so call ahead if you want the vegan ice cream sandwich. If you call about 15 min before you arrive, they’ll bake some fresh cookies for you to put with their vegan flavor of the month. So good. I got the vegan chocolate chip cookie with the vegan chocolate and it was AMAZING. I also like that they don’t use any nuts in their facility so my sister and I were safe to eat anything.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Hello Robin vegan ice cream sammies

Mighty-O Donuts: All vegan and gluten-free, these donuts are sooo good! My favorite is the Chocolate Peanut Butter or Lemon Poppy. They aren’t too dry or sugary and I also find them not to be as heavy as regular donuts.

Pro tip: For an ideal Instagram pic, hold up your donuts to their large “O” sign outside. 1000 likes coming your way. (tag me @tacosandtempos)

Hot Cakes: If you’re not a vegan you’ll love any of their lovely molten lava cakes, but if you are a vegan you’ll still love their dark chocolate vegan molten cake. They even serve it with a side of Frankie & Joes Ice Cream (see end of article).

Brunch & Breakfast:

Portage Bay Cafe: Ooh arguably one of the best brunch places in Seattle. I always spend too long looking at the menu because are just so many good options. My go-to is usually the vegan banana pancakes because you can go to the breakfast bar to top with blueberries, strawberries, coconut, etc. Or the spinach and goat cheese omlet for those of you who are vegetarian. Their portions are huge. One note is that unless you are a huge fan of a lot of vegetables in the morning, do not order their Farmer’s Hash. It’s healthy but almost too many vegetables to handle.

Pro tip: Make a reservation on Yelp the day before unless you want to wait 40 minutes to sit down. Also the location on Roosevelt Way if my favorite because it doesn’t feel crowded and has lots of parking.

2018-03-31 09.34.45 1.jpg

More Fresh Flours because I love them so much

Fresh Flours Bakery: This quaint place in White Center is the best place to go on a winter morning, and sit by the window sipping a chai. Their pastries are expertly crafted, my personal favorite being the mini loaf of gluten-free vegan banana bread. So cute but so good.

2018-03-31 09.35.23 1.jpg

A chai and banana bread is the perfect combo on a cold morning


Sunlight Cafe: I stumbled across this place when I couldn’t get into Portage Bay (see above) but their food was just as good. First of all, I love that they serve their tea in cute tiny pitchers, and secondly I love that they cook tempeh perfect! It can often be hit or miss when it comes to tempeh. My recommendations are the Lemon Poppyseed Waffle and the Vegan Highlander. Get both or else you’ll be hungry because portions are not the biggest.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Vegan Highlanders at Sunlight Cafe

Cafe Flora: Go early and beat the crowds because this place sure gets busy. If you could imagine the most vegan cafe ever this is it. Plants are growing around you, flooded in natural light, food is excellent. I ordered the avocado toast (don’t cringe) which was perfectly seasoned, my friend ordered rhubarb toast which looked even more amazing. Side orders are a big must here. Potatoes & the cinnamon roll are essential. If you didn’t order the cinnamon roll then did you even go to Cafe Flora? It is flaky, delicious, and vegan (don’t cringe). Everybody orders it.


Avocado toast at Cafe Flora

Macrina Bakery: Everything here is good from the bran muffins to the bread themselves. Not a lot of vegan options but for vegetarians I highly recommend the Bialy Egg Sandwich. Eggs, goat cheese, tomatoes and basil on a poppyseed bialy. So so so good. They are also so nice here! We waited a little long for our order and they gave us a free muffin. Definitely coming back for this dreamy sandwich.

Middle Eastern: aka my favorite foods

Anar: Located in South Lake Union, this little place is an offshoot of Mamnoon in capital hill. The options are a little pricey but I loved the Anar mezze. Get it with extra hummus and pita instead of the cracker for dipping the sauces in. Great menu, you really can’t go wrong with anything.


Mezze at Anar

Falafel Salam: Falafel is one of my favorite foods and I probably eat here every two weeks. They catered my grad party and we had so much leftover which was a dream. Located in West Seattle (they also have a food truck) their Purple falafel salad is my favorite. Please please please order the garlic fries! They are so good!!

Berliner Doner Kebab: What is a doner you may ask? I have no idea. All I can say is order the #9 with the spinach wrap and you’re in for a treat (vegetarian).

Aviv Hummus: Hummus is yummus and that is the truth. You can order a few dishes to share with a group and eat well without spending a lot. Recommendation: Classic hummus or Masabacha (don’t question it) with a side order of falafel and saladt (israeli salad). If that doesn’t entice you, the colorful decor definitely will.

Latin American:

Barrio: I really love this place. Healthy mexican food with a twist. They make their tortillas by-hand and have so many vegetarian/vegan options. Cauliflower tacos are a must. I do have to make another comment about decor, two words: candle wall. That’s all I’m going to say so you’ll have to go there for yourself.

TNT Taqueria: This colorful restaurant in Wallingford with a walk-up window is a spot you can’t miss. They have two vegetarian burritos there (vegan without the cheese) the Papa’s Dulce & Kale, or the Hominy & Spinach. I prefer the kale burrito but that is just my opinion. #kaleyeah

Stone Way Cafe: This place isn’t technically a Mexican restaurant, it has all sorts of food but I always order the Kale Quesadilla. It is so big for the price (I always save half for later, aka 1 hour later). It is so good I cannot even express in words how delicious it is. Come back on a weekend for brunch and uber good pumpkin spice chai in the Fall (or peppermint mochas in the winter).


Kale quesadilla at Stone Way Cafe

Veggie Burgers: Not too heavy but just right

The Lodge: I know the black bean burger can get overplayed but The Lodge features a burger with quinoa and black bean topped with avocado and carmelized onions. It is an unforgettable masterpiece.

Blue Moon Burgers: If you haven’t tried the Impossible Burger then have you really lived? This very realistic burger is packed with veggies and uses beet juice to mimic real burger juices. SO good. Very similar to the Beyond burger if you have tried that.


Vatsana Thai: I love their vegetarian dishes such as Jungle Noodle with tofu. So much yum! More importantly, I like that they value fresh ingredients and their dishes are very vegetable-heavy. If you peek in the back you can see mountains of fresh cut vegetables ready to be cooked!

Buddha Ruksa: Probably the best Thai restaurant in West Seattle. But don’t take my word for it, the counters are filled with to-go orders that it is hard to tell which order belongs to you. From their beautiful Green Curry to my favorite Phad See Iew, you cannot go wrong with any dish. For vegetarians and meat-lovers alike, Buddha Ruska will be a hit!

Dong Thap Noodles: Bring five friends, order the Superbowl challenge and dig in to one BIG bowl of pho. Why? One little bowl of their pho is not going to be enough once you taste how delicious their homemade noodles and broth is. If you can’t get there in time for the Superbowl, an x-large bowl is more than plenty but still has the same desired effect. Vegetable Pho is the only non-meat option.

Italian & Pizza: Mamma mia!

20180609_210420.jpgSan Fermo: I was shocked that my friends and I were able to get into this place on Prom night but somehow they squeezed us into their cozy Italian restaurant that used to be a gorgeous house on Ballard Ave. Small portions but big flavor. Do not skip out on appetizers! The chickpea flatbreads were a hit with creamy cagliata and sea salt, or I highly recommend the burrata! Drooling as I write this… Several vegetarian dishes such as the gnocchi or creamy risotto. Staff was so friendly and very careful about allergies as well. I cannot say enough good things about this place!

Serious Pie: Another Tom Douglas masterpiece. Their pizza may be expensive but it is super worth it. My personal favorite is the Potato pizza which in my opinion is one of the greatest combinations ever (my family disagrees). They also have a mushroom pizza with truffle cheese which sounds divine. This place is seriously good.

Mioposto: Oh Mioposto how I love you… their pizza is perfectly thin and crisp with perfect blends of flavor. Order the Zucca Balsamico (without pancetta to be vegetarian) for a lovely goat cheese and squash pizza with a balsamic reduction. Oh my this has got to be one of the best pizzas in Seattle.

Misc: No category but still amazing

Homegrown: I love everything on their menu and that is an understatement. From yummy grain bowls to an almond butter+banana sandwich you cannot go wrong with farm-to-table eating. Plus they have several locations scattered around Seattle. Sustainable, organic, delicious.

Tallulah’s: This is the perfect place to eat in the summer. Order a bunch of vegetable-heavy dishes to share with a group including kale chips & hummus. The atmosphere is minimalist but the food is blooming with flavor and spices.

Delicatus: The best sandwiches in Seattle in my opinion. First of all, there are over 20 sandwiches (don’t quote me on the exact number!) that are each unique and have creative pairings. Although their meat sandwiches are award-winning, their

20171125_123533.jpgvegetarian (& vegan!) sandwiches are definitely note-worthy. I like the Ciscoe (ooh la la la!) with all the vegetables you can desire on fresh bread. I’m a sucker for pea sprouts on sandwiches and they do it perfectly. I might try the Jackfruit sandwich next time but my friend also loved her Caprese so it might be a toss up.

HB Beverage Co.: Acai bowls here are the best of the best. I’m not kidding, the best acai I have ever had. Fresh fruit combinations and oh-so-good granola. Any bowl you order will be good. But don’t sleep on their smoothies. The PB&J is huge (and photo-worthy) and absolutely delicious. Please make the drive to this place and you will not be sorry.


Places to avoid/don’t buy into the hype: 

Frankie & Jo’s: *gasp* I know, I know this is like the vegan ice cream spot in Seattle but I really am not a fan. It is way too expensive and the ice cream is just okay. Way too soft for my liking and a little bland. Their cones are good so I’ll give them that but I’m sorry Frankie & Jo’s I am just not your biggest fan.


Date shake from Frankie & Jo’s

Plum Bistro: *another gasp* Yes this place is critically acclaimed and all that, but meh there is better. Very chi-chi and also not a very good place to go with allergies. Too much cross-contaminating. Their decor is pretty awesome I will admit, which is a perk.

Araya’s Place- Vegan Thai: *feints with disbelief* Okay I do have mixed feelings about this place. On one side, the price for their unlimited lunch buffet is so worth it for healthy Thai food and the place itself is very cute but… their thai food is just okay. Very soggy.


Araya’s Place fell short of expectations

Paxti’s Pizza: This pizza place is supposed to offer a pizza for everyone: gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options. But their pizza definitely does not deliver on price or taste. Service is also pretty slow here and they messed up our order before mistakenly having it sit at the front in to-go boxes that we then had to eat at the table. Maybe I’m just bitter but I do not like this place.


I tried to keep this article short so there are many many places that have been missed. Leave me a comment below for another vegan/vegetarian restaurant and I will be sure to check it out!









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