High school running is over…now what?

I have mixed feelings about the end of high school track. I am sad because I am going to miss my teammates, spirit days, and the structure. But I am happy because honestly I am more excited about the racing and running that is to come. In high school sports, practice day after day of the same training every week got kind-of boring towards the end and I was honestly ready to just run for the pure joy of it. Also after a horrible Senior season, I just wanted to put the season out of its misery. Then why do I feel stuck?22048154_10212438869581050_7678234854493364743_o

It’s weird not having practice, not training for a season, and mostly running on my own. But I love being able to run as far as I want, as fast as I want, and do strength training without worrying about how it will affect training tomorrow, or my next race. Don’t worry! I still have goals!

I have always wanted to run The Enchantments, a beautiful large area of land in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Washington. It is a bucket list goal and I am hoping that my friend and I will tackle this lengthy trail this summer. The total trail is 18 miles long but coincidentally, my best friend and I both turn 18 within a day of each other so


The Enchantments

we plan on running 18 miles for our 18th birthday! I have a lot of planning and training to do but I am ready for long, long distances because those are my favorite. Anything above 8 miles I love!21368874_10212438860980835_8894762639700758775_o.jpg

My second goal is to run a marathon in November, the Seattle Marathon. I feel as if I am ready to tackle this challenge because I have already run a half and am confident I can finish. My goal is 8 min pace but I know that might be pretty hard to achieve. Luckily I am going to the University of Washington next year so I will have the Burke-Gilman trail to run on. Plus, school is close to Green lake, Lake Washington, and many other great running locations. I just hope that I will have time with all the crazy stuff involved with Freshman year!

I also would like to focus more on strength training. This has always been an area I have lacked in because it is hard to lift weights the a couple days before a race and NOT be tired during the race. I know, I know, strength training is essential to efficient runners but honestly I don’t like doing it before or after I run. Not anymore! I am committing to do at least a little strength work after each run, even if it is just 5 min of core.

image-3.pngSo that’s it! My first phase of racing is over and I am ready to start anew. Not to be a cliché but the best is yet to come. College is hopefully going to bring fresh starts, new friends, and great running. Maybe I’ll even find some great running buddies in college? Fingers crossed.


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