Let’s Go Grocery Shopping!

Am I the only one who actually loves to grocery shop? I could wander Whole Foods for hours picking out breakfast items and planning out meals. I obviously can’t afford to shop at Whole Foods for all my grocery needs so I often go to Trader Joe’s instead or Safeway. The items with a “*” denote that it can only be found at Trader Joe’s. My list is fairly healthy and I’m plant-based but this list can be adapted to a wide range of diets and suit a variety of needs. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go (grocery) shopping!



Brussel Sprouts                                                   Mini bell peppers

Purple sweet potatoes                                        Mushrooms

Spinach                                                                  Zucchini

Butternut or spaghetti squash                           Onion

Cherry tomatoes                                                     Kale

Sugar snap peas                                                   Frozen mixed veggies



Spinach and Kale provide iron in my diet, while sweet potatoes supply a good amount of potassium. I rely on vegetables as a good portion of my diet so I make sure to have a good supply on hand; I’ll usually roast the vegetables (brussel sprouts, squash) or put them into a stir fry. That’s why I buy mixed frozen veggies, so that I can fry those up with tofu for an easy and quick meal.



Brown Rice (I like the frozen kind at Trader Joes)                    Veggie burgers

Cauliflower Rice*                                                                              Whole-wheat waffles

Acai                                                                                                     Halo Top Ice Cream 🙂

Frozen berries                                                                                   Sweet potato fries

Zucchini noodles


Cauliflower rice is mostly found at Trader Joe’s and helps make killer fried rice. Whole-wheat waffles are when I don’t feel like oatmeal, and I just top those with fruit and PB (of course). A dinner that I also like to treat myself to sometimes is veggie burgers on whole-wheat buns with sweet potato fries and roasted zucchini. Finally, if you haven’t had Halo Top then go get yourself a carton right now! Literally protein ice cream! What more needs to be said? Pro tip: The vegan Halo Top is a lot creamier than the regular so I highly recommend that one instead.



Black beans                                                              Canned Tomatoes

Chickpeas                                                                  Rolled Oats

Whole-wheat pasta                                                  Dried Apricots

Molasses/maple syrup                                            Dried Pears

Seed & Grain Mix*                                                   Coconut oil

Seed & Bean Medley*                                              Cacao Powder

Somersaults sesame seed snacks                         Stuff to make granola (bulk section)

Unsalted PB pretzels*                                              Protein Bars

Unsalted Pepitas                                                       Chia seeds

Veggie Broth                                                              Quinoa

Rice cakes                                                                Pea Protein Powder

Peanut Butter


Beans are always good to have on hand as a source of protein for salads, etc. I like to have a lot of bulk items on hand such as nuts and dried fruit so that I can make trail mix, granola, or even have as a little sugar before I run. Cooking with coconut oil adds amino acids to breads, muffins, etc. which is good for muscle recovery. It also has a high smoke point for stir fry. I put peanut butter in everything and I honestly don’t know what I would do without it. I have tried almond butter but it is too bland for me.



Apples                                                      Dates/Figs                               Avocado

Unsweetened coconut chips                Pears                                       Goji berries

Banana                                                    Grapes                                     Satsumas



Tofurky                                                 Almond Milk

High-protein Tofu                              Vanilla & Chocolate soy milk

Coconut-milk yogurt                         Whole-wheat pizza dough

Tempeh                                                Hummus


I would describe myself as a vegan now and getting protein through soy is usually the easiest way. From tofurky in my sandwiches to chocolate soy milk after running, I incorporate soy a lot into my diet. But do make sure to consume soy in moderation because too much can mess with your hormones. Other ways to get plant-based protein include peas, chia seeds, and others that I mention in this blog post.


Well that’s my grocery list, I obviously don’t buy all of this all the time because some items such as chia seeds last longer than items like fruit and veggies. I do eat fairly healthy, but keep in mind you can adapt this to your own needs and just introducing some of these items into your diet will boost your overall health and energy. Sometimes when I grocery shop I like to pick out one “fun” item to use that week or try out like protein pancake mix or some Justin’s Peanut butter cups to keep it exciting. Grocery shopping should be something fun to do, not a chore! Planning out meals and picking out ingredients will make the food more enjoyable and satisfying.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Go Grocery Shopping!

  1. Kana says:

    Haha this is so relatable, I love grocery shopping too! My sister and I are vegan (but our parents aren’t) so I shop for us every week! I always tell myself not to get distracted when I’m shopping but there are just so many tempting options it’s hard not to add a little something extra to my cart 🙂


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