How to eat healthy in Port Townsend, WA

New year, new segment! This segment in the “travel” section of Tacos and Tempos will focus on how to eat healthy in different cities around the country and/or the world. It will cover local eateries, grocery stores, or even ways to stay active in that city. The first city I will feature is Port Townsend, a little beach town in Washington.

I have been to Port Townsend multiple times because we always do a run there when I go to Falcon (SPU) running camp. Except, every time I’ve gone there I haven’t fully explored it and I only knew where the ice cream places were (hey it was a long run!). I went back with my family recently for a little day trip, and I discovered a multitude of healthy eateries that were cozy and cute, and of course a little farm stand.20171229_114528.jpg

The only way to get to Port Townsend from Seattle is by ferry and then you drive through Port Haddock-Chimacum area which is absolutely beautiful and the scenery is amazing. On the way we found a little farm stand called Chimacum Corner Farm Stand. It was painted with little signs that said “Eat good food” or “Keepin’ it local” so of course I had to stop. Inside there is so many amazing healthy snacks for your trip to Port Townsend, local honey and jam, and oh so many fresh produce options. What I was most excited about was their glorious bulk section. They had vegan granola made by Blue Heron, a

20171231_102934local bakery in Olympia, that was only 7$ for a pound and it was simply delicious. My only regret was not buying enough of it. I was surprised how much food they had there, including made-there sandwiches (with vegetarian options!) and tons of protein bars, etc. They also had adorable merchandise with their logo of a little chick on it that I really wish I would’ve bought. Anyways, if you’re on the Olympic Peninsula make sure to stop at this little market because it is foodie heaven.


In Port Townsend itself there is tons of options for places to get a quick bite and stay healthy. A couple places like The Fountain Cafe and Silverwater cafe offer vegetarian-friendly meals. The Silverwater Cafe is good when you’re feeling a little veggie platter or salmon spread. Owl Spirit Cafe offers the most healthy options with tons of wraps, veggie sandwiches, burritos and more. Head here for dinner for some amazing pastas.

For finer fare, head to Alchemy bistro for hummus platters and beet salads in a swanky environment.

The Courtyard cafe has really good quiche (and is also very cute) and Blue Moose cafe has an excellent veggie scramble and also very large pancakes…

As far as activities around Port Townsend goes, you can always run up to Fort Warden State Park about 2 miles away and then run through the trails around the park and water. There is a beach there to eat lunch afterward if you want to pack a lunch instead. Walking around Port Townsend is active enough but if you want to take it to the next level go on a hike around the town such as Mount Walker or the beautiful Hurricane Ridge.

I saved the best for last; on Whidbey Island (a 15 min ferry ride from Port Townsend) there is in my opinion the greatest run on earth. This run is called “The Bluff Run.” Starting at Fort Casey, run through the local trails, onto the road, and then to these beautiful local bluffs (Fort Ebey State Park) and back. The run is hilly and absolutely beautiful and I  have been fortunate enough to go on this run three times at SPU running camp. In total it is around ten miles but the miles seem to melt away alongside the amazing views.

In summary, Port Townsend is a great weekend getaway and is the perfect place to get a taste of beautiful Washington scenery and locally produced food. Get away from the city and treat your body to some organic food and memorable runs.

2 thoughts on “How to eat healthy in Port Townsend, WA

  1. Michele says:

    It’s been forever since I’ve been to Port Townsend!
    Byron has never been on the Ferry or to one of the Islands. Summer Trip! Farm Stand is a must.


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