Sock It To Me

Last week was a hectic week. Senior photos, a high-mileage training week, going to my cousin’s wedding, and all the craziness that goes along with the last week of summer. In summary, I knew my feet were going to go through a lot especially with blisters from heels, so I figured it was a good week to road-test the new running socks I just picked up from REI.

Thursday: I wore the Smartwool Light Elite cushion socks for a 3 x 1 mile Cross Country workout. It was hot so I was concerned about wearing dark socks but they kept me cool and didn’t bother the blister I had accrued from my Senior photos the day before. They are really comfortable with the padding in the right places on the foot. The design on the heel is cute too!


Friday: Rest Day 🙂

Saturday: It was a 9 mile long run so I needed socks that would hang in there over the long distance. I bought two pairs of the Smartwool socks but this pair was longer and came up above the ankles. I thought it would protect against blisters better but I was wrong. Although this pair was comfortable, it definitely was too thin in the achilles area and added pain to that area of my foot. Save these socks for shorter runs.20170910_123625.jpg

Sunday: Hill Workout at our league’s Cross Country course, so I wore the Balega Hidden Comfort sock. It was a no-show sock so I found that the socks were too low to cover the achilles/ankle area and created blisters. Was not the biggest fan of these socks.


Monday: Easy three miles with a workout the next day so I opted for Compression socks. I loooooove these Stance compression socks. I bought them at my favorite running store Oiselle and they are totally worth it. They aren’t too tight yet provide enough beneficial compression. They have great padding in the feet and ankle area so they are great against blisters.


Tuesday: 6 mile tempo called for Experia socks that were outfitted with Thorlo pads. I was a bit doubtful about all the padding but oh my gosh these socks are like running on clouds. They are thick but don’t provide added heat plus they hold up nice against sweat. I also think they are the perfect length. No wonder Runner’s world votes these as a top sock for runners.


Wednesday: 5 miles at moderate pace. I bought two pairs of the Balega socks but this pair was mohair and instead of being too low, the blister-padding was too high and unable to protect against blisters. It was good at absorbing sweat but was an awkward length.


So that concludes my sock tests, if you have any sock recommendations please let me know in the comments below!

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