Hydration is Key

Here’s what happened when I started to drink 70 oz of water a day:

A few weeks ago my running was feeling off and my legs felt weak trying to hit times that I had hit easily a week ago. It was frustrating as you can imagine, and I decided to see if it was because of hydration issues. Spoiler: It was. I bought giant 50 oz water bottles and tried to drink those over the course of the day resulting in a lot of unexpected benefits.

No more “Side Stiches”: You know that horrible feeling that feels like stabbing in your ribs when you run? Yeah that can be an effect of dehydration, often occurring in morning runs when your body loses over a pound of water at night!  After drinking so much water during the day I didn’t feel these anymore.

I felt more awake. Starting your day with a giant glass of water is not only refreshing but it also wakes you up entirely. Now after keeping my body hydrated all day I no longer had that lingering tired feeling.

Less Hungry. Usually I was always hungry, even after meals which was probably due to a lack of water intake during the day. After I started drinking 70 oz during the day I wasn’t that hungry during meals or at night.

I felt stronger. That weak feeling that was ruining my runs was no more, I felt stronger than ever.

More likely than not, most people are not getting as much water as their body needs, so start drinking a little more water each day and reap the above benefits!


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