February Finds

Over this short month of February we have been trying out new foods and gear that we think you will enjoy or would benefit from trying as well. From dried Edamame to running with a fanny pack????


  1. Dried/Roasted Edamame: This was the oddest thing to stumble across at the grocery store and I knew I had to try it! For those who don’t know Edamame is the official name for soybeans, or what Tofu is made out of. I got the organic box and it only contained two ingredients: Salt and Edamame. I was convinced.These are actually addicting! They are full of protein and healthy fats (14 grams of Protein for ¼ cup of beans!) and are surprisingly delicious. I highly recommend these for a snack after running or when you are craving chips/salty foods. Although the sodium content is actually very low.


  1. Vanilla Clusters Kashi Cereal: At first I really liked this cereal and like the other Kashi cereals, it is full of whole grains and natural ingredients. But, I am not a fan of overly sweetened cereals and it tasted very sugary to me. Instead of trying for breakfast I might put it in Trail mix or even a before-bed dessert.


  1. Straw propeller Oatmeal: This oatmeal is AMAZING. I am not exaggerating. First of all, it is completely organic and made with wholesome ingredients. Second, these oatmeal cups are perfect for breakfast on the go. I tried the PB&J oatmeal cup and it was filled with dried strawberries and peanut butter chips. After pouring in the required amount of hot water, I put the lid on and waited 5 minutes then BAM you have a nutritious breakfast to enjoy on the go (or not). The last point I would like to make about this oatmeal is that it kept me full until lunch which is rare for a lot of my breakfasts, but this wholesome breakfast kept me from getting hungry mid-day. Buy here!


  1. Running with a fanny pack: I have an android phone which is on the larger side for running and it often doesn’t fit into any of my pockets. I hate carrying it but I still need it just to be safe while running outside. The solution? I gave into the “Fanny pack craze.” I purchased a slim running one from my local Marshalls or here that was big enough to fit my phone and my keys. I took it on my long run, of course under my shirt and I wore it so the pack was against my back (not the traditional way) and I was pleasantly surprised. There was no issues with the pack bumping up and down and frankly I forgot it was there. The only thing that I didn’t like about it was that it was hard to adjust to my smallish waist size but other than that it was perfect.


  1. During the winter I usually have to do training runs on my own which means more music! But, my headphones literally always break within 2 months, which is weird because I never break or lose my stuff. Anyway, I bought these Panasonic headphones because they were cheap and thought hey, if they break, who cares. Although they aren’t specifically for active use THEY WORK SO FREAKING GOOD. They have lasted through lots of sweat and rain and they actually stay in my ears (I have really small ears so that’s a bonus). Although I’ve only had these a couple of months, my brother uses the same kind and they still work after 1 year of use, so I HIGHLY recommend these if you are looking for good cheap earbuds to run with or just in general.


  1. You can never have too many pairs of running shorts so when I see a good pair on sale during the winter off season, obviously I’m going to buy them. The Athleta Track This Run shorts are amazing quality and have a secure waistband. I love them since the leg opening is on that smaller side, and I have really skinny legs so these shorts actually fit me well. Also, they were on sale for $16 so it was a great deal (they still have some left right now!). They remind me a lot of the Lululemon Speed Shorts, with the same design but a much better deal if you catch the Athleta ones on sale. Buy them here!


  1. ZonePerfect Nutrition Bars are probably my favorite thing at the moment. My dad bought me the huge Costco box that contains both the Peanut Butter and Fudge Graham flavors and they are to die for. Ok, so maybe they aren’t the healthiest bar- they’re basically candy because it’s covered in chocolate but they do contain 14g of protein, so that counts for something right? These are definitely a guilty pleasure so I only eat them after really hard workouts when they are well deserved.


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