Valentine’s Day running costumes

I love Valentine’s day. I love running. So why not put those two together for a 5k?! Running Valentine’s day 5ks in my opinion are the most fun. Reason #1 these are usually fun runs that you can do with your friends (or significant other *wink wink*). Reason #2 there are so many costume ideas and running v-day puns to choose from. Stuck on costume ideas? Or even just need some puns to put on your running buddy’s valentine? Well read below and feast your eyes on some ideas that will surely knock your compression socks off.


Simple  t-shirt heart: Cut out a large heart from felt that will fit on the back of a t-shirt. Glue onto the t-shirt using a hot glue gun and write one of the puns below on it using a Sharpie. This is an easy costume that doesn’t require a lot of crafting skills.

Pun Ideas for t-shirt:Screenshot_2016-06-01-15-49-59.png

  • My heart is racing
  • SeXC
  • Smiles for miles
  • RUNdezvous?
  • Looking for a 10k bae (or 5k?)
  • Catch me if you can
  • Your PR isn’t the only number I want
  • Heart & Sole
  • Fast and Fab
  • Love on the run

PJs for days: Wear your pajamas to the race (bonus points if they are vday colors) and either glue a sign or using the heart method above, write the message “Marathon & Chill?”

Beach vibes: Wear a Hawaiian shirt with a white t-shirt underneath. On the white t-shirt, using a sharpie, write the message “I love long runs on the beach.”

Prefontaine, my crush: Infinite costume ideas

  1. If you are running with a guy, have him dress as Prefontaine. On your shirt using the heart method above, write:
    1. PRE mine?
    2. Will you PRE my Valentine?
    3. Fire on the Track and in my heart
  2. If you are running with friends, all wear sweatbands and fake mustaches (Pre style) and wear the above puns on your t-shirts as well

Running buddy costumes:

Best Running Friends (1 of 2) - Hoodie sweater

Buy this sweatshirt here

All of the costumes I have mentioned can be group costumes but these can also be specific for you and your BRF (best running friend)

  1. Shirts that say “SOLE mates”
  2. Each person wears a red shirt with half a felt heart glued onto it. Write “Best Running buddies” on each half and run together forever
  3. Get your girlfriends together with matching shirts that say “Sole sistas” or “Sisters in sport”

Conversation hearts:

  1. Using two large cardboard pieces, cut out two hearts of the same size

  2. Measure out 1.5-2 feet of ribbon and glue the ends on the top of one of the hearts
  3. Creating a loop, glue the other ribbon ends on the other heart creating a wearable
  4. Paint the pieces Conversation heart colors and write cute sayings, or borrow from the Pun Gold mine that I have supplied you with earlier. 🙂
  5.  You can also just do this using felt hearts glued on


Even if you aren’t crafty, fun socks and red/pink running wear will be sure to please!

We want to see your costumes! Tag us on Instagram with your vday costumes for a chance to be featured!

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